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Maybe one day we'll be united
And our love won't be devided

Prince Ital Joe:
If love was a thing
That me say money could buy
The rich man would live
And me say the poor man would die
If freedom was thing
That they would keep upon earth
Happiness would be abundant
Unity would give birth
For a hungry nation
Yes you get a hungry people
That is mentally cripple
And a kind a always hope
Gundshi a fight in a South Africa
And the youth them a suffer in Duminica

Marky Mark:
Peace, I got a plea calling
I see too many kids simply falling
In the streets, it's trife a waste
Of a life either you die by the bullet
Or struck by a knife
But yo it ain't the way to go
You can't kill the next man
Just to get the doe
We gotta fight tonight
But we gotta fight right
Can't foght for the doe
We gotta fight to unit


Prince Ital Joe:
In America the problem take over
Robber, shot
Robber shot down in Kingston Jamaica
Me not joke
Me not play, me not get stop
Respect Abubaka, respect Mandela
Bob Marley tell the dread rasta world
Stevie Wonder
If you live by the gun
And you well well bit by the fun
And when ja ja guy come
The babylon them have to run

Marky Mark:
We need o-n-e, l-o-v-e
U-n-i-t-y before we all die
But you don't listen
You don't understand still kickin'
The bullshit tryin' to be the man
Well you want to go and do old piece
You gotta to get the man
With the copp and an education
To rebuild the nation

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