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You were so good to me and i knew could be forever
we both tried to reach the top of love.
Oh you kept tellin’ me how to live my life, your own fever
slapping in my face with your plastic glove.

My eyes glued to yours with every move, with every heartbeat
Your passion running away with other guys
Nothing left over here just cigarette smoke and empty carseat
Ask for second chance…

Never mind rather go
I’ll be on my own
Don’t’ stop me from tryin’
Bein’ a better boy

Your touch was lately so cold
You should have known
I’m sayin never mind
I’m letting you go.

I guess you know what I mean when I lock the door and close the curtain
Promise me please promise me you end this war
Oh its you oh its you who stays behind unsure uncertain
I’m moving with my life don’t bother me more.

Your eyes glued to mine with every move, with every heartbeat
Your passion running away, oh who cares?

Bridge: No hesitation better fuckin’ medication.
Terminal station you can leave for love vacation.
Calming meditation before my sad sad revelation.
Previous obligation oh sweet sweet revolution.

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